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Rental of Museum Buildings/Property


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Rental of Main Museum, Parker Ray House, and/or Museum Grounds


The museum facilities may be rented at the Museum Board and/or Curator's discretion in exchange for the following:  


25 people or less $75.00

26 to 50 People $150.00

51 People or More $300.00


Security and/or Museum Board Member Presence Required

Please obtain security through Hoke County Sheriff's Office

(At time of posting, fee for security is $40 per deputy per hour - 2 hour minmum).


Deposit of half the rental fee is required 30 days prior to event rental.

Total rental fee is due 10 days prior to the event.

Full refund of event/deposit will be issued if cancelled up to 5 days prior to event.

Cancellations later than 5 days prior to even will result in a reduction of your refund by 10% as and for administrative fees.


Equipment:  There are 49 folding chairs, 4 6-foot tables, and 9 round tables.  Note: under no circumstances may any of the museum furniture or exibits be moved.  


Facilities:  There is a restroom and running water availble.


Rental Contract



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